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Precautions for drilling wells

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Precautions for drilling wells
Latest company news about Precautions for drilling wells

Precautions for drilling wells

When the drill bit encounters a hard soil layer and the drilling speed is slow, a pressure rod can be used to increase the speed. If the drill pipe is tilted, the hook on the pressure rod can be used to adjust it. Dig a mud pit with a width of 2 meters, a length of 3 meters, and a depth of 1 meter around a distance of 5 meters from the drilling rig, for mixing mud when the drilling rig is drilling into the sand layer. As soon as the thread is released, it immediately separates. When retracting the rod, be careful to avoid the mother rod swinging to avoid thread damage. At the same time, the staff should tighten the steel wire rope. Used for flushing soil during drilling. Avoid relative movement between the external and internal threads, which may damage the threads. After the completion of the drilling rig's work, the rod needs to be retracted. When retracting the rod, the lifting wrench is pulled to cause the drum to roll and drive the drill rod up through friction. When the screw head of the mother rod is exposed. When docking the drill pipe, the throttle of the diesel engine should be small and the drill pipe should not swing left or right as much as possible to avoid premature damage to the drill pipe threads. Close the valve under the turntable and engage reverse gear to reverse the lever

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